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  • feeling ethereal [throwback not-quite-Thursday]

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  • Dear Retailers,

    A covered butt does not a dress-make.

    Where da fabric at?

  • Dear OKC,

    This is insane.
    I can’t handle this website, or largely, the people on it.


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  • Boundless

    A year ago I was posting journals entitled things like:

    [a year ago]

    but I find recently that in the past year, I’ve grown in far more ways than I ever could have anticipated. I’m finding new things to love and be passionate about, I’m being more open and confident with myself and others, and perhaps more importantly I’m more forgiving and understanding of myself and others. I’m excited to see where these new trails I’m forging will take me, which I’ve come to find may be in a very different direction than I would have thought.

    Every weekend, a block from my job at the spiritual shop a man sits outside of his apartment building and being aware of the frequency that I pass him, I thought it may be nice to actually converse with him. He asked me if I was one of the healers where I work, that he was aware of my energetic presence when I walked past in the mornings. He said he thought I would grow into a wonderful healer. Recently I’ve been hearing from others as well that I would make a good healer and its a journey I plan to embark on the second I finish Art School. Acupuncture, holistic nutrition, herbalism, reiki, my thoughts are running wild with ideas.

    In the mean time, I’ve been working within the art school as a digital photography TA and “child wrangler” and the artist I assist wants me to be in charge of deinstalling her most recent exhibition. My opportunities are abundant in many directions and I’m incredibly grateful for that flexibility and the kinetic energy that is so present for me

    Still learning to be open, grateful and to allow myself to grow wild

    The paths in your life are as boundless as your heart.

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  • random recording (cover) of a smiths snippet

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  • comedycentral:

    Click here to watch Jon Stewart discuss the tax loophole known as corporate inversion.

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  • suckitandmeme:

    Andrew Wyeth, Christina’s World (1948) / Arctic Monkeys, Do I Wanna Know? (2013)

    inspired by x

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  • flyartproductions:

    Florinda’s world

    Florinda (1853), Franz Xaver Winterhalter / My World, Iggy Azalea

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  • Been free-boobing for nearly 2 weeks now. Why did I ever want to wear a bra?

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  • leadhooves:


    the look on their faces though. its like “omfg, charles. charles, charles. THE HUMAN IS WAVING. thisWAVE BACK, HURRY.”

    omg cutest ever


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  • Some Major Transitions

    It’s been roughly a year since I began really using this space as a personal one, one in which I share with you, my dear followers, with welcome arms, my thoughts and feelings, among other things. For those of you who do follow, who have followed, I do appreciate your allowance of me taking up precious space on your dashboard and I’m sure you’ve, no doubt, noticed another set of changes occur recently.

    As aforementioned this space is a manifestation of my growth and I’m going through another large shift.

    For the majority of my life I’ve been consumed by my art practice, whether it was something I needed purely to practice or through finding a legitimacy to who I am as a young artist, art has consumed a large portion of my life. Upon leaving NY and coming to Chicago to continue in that vein some small thing in me reawakened from an earlier stage of my life. I found myself asking questions I hadnt asked in a long time, researching symbols and crystals for an inexplicable reason, one thing lead to another and now I work in a spiritual shop of sorts, and its one of the best things thats ever happened to me.

    From these experiences over the past few months I’ve learned and reawakened so many things about myself and who I’m capable of being. I’m excited to learn more. However this feels like it may be in conflict with art-making. I’ve felt removed from it for months. Chicago has not opened my eyes to a greater art-space as I thought it would, and instead it has opened me up to something very different.

    Ah, turmoil.

    This is where I stand presently with a year and a half of art school left to go after already trucking-through 4, battling the idea that everything that is meant to happen will happen and seizing the things I really want for my “now,” [which are relatively parallel when you think about it]. I suppose the problem being I’m not 100% of what I truly want, and knowing I dont want to seal off any doors too soon [nor open any too soon]. So now what?

  • Tarot

    I recently began reading tarot cards. My deck is beautiful, and we connect really well.

    Idk how many of you out there are readers, or have significantly more experience than I do, but within the past week I’ve pulled the moon card, perhaps a minimum of 3 times [it’s been happening a lot].  I’m curious as to what this card means for you readers out there, how you interpret it and what it means to have it appear so frequently?

  • queerbriel:

    welcome to womens clothing where the sizes are made up and the measurements don’t matter

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