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    I Had a Flashback of Something that Never Existed  from “Ode à l’oubli” 2002

    Louise Bourgeois

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  • To my “non-photogenic” lovelies

    I think, to a certain degree, everyone struggles feeling comfortable in their own skin, or has known the struggle in one way or another. Growing up I had a large amount of self-esteem issues, especially pertaining to the way I appeared to the outside world. At this present stage in my life, I’m blessed to feel as though I’ve reached a point where I can acknowledge to myself that I am, in fact, beautiful. That I can be confident in my actions, my appearance and my life, and it feels truly amazing.

    As far as pictures are concerned though, there still in-lies some level of insecurity, as if I will see an unflattering photograph of myself and scrutinize it and return to my old patterns of thinking. Of course, this was until I had realized that one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen is probably one of the least photogenic things in existence

    The moon.

    Yeah, the moon. Are there beautiful pictures of her? Yes, taken with incredibly special lenses and through which people have processed and edited. The standard camera cannot capture her true beauty, it is something best experienced rather than documented because documentation can so rarely capture her true splendor.

    So to you lovely humans who take 25+ selfies and only like 1, to those of you who have struggled with your outward appearance in the face of any camera or device, or have such things influence the way you see yourself, just know that you are truly beautiful. Just know that your presence alone is something that must be experienced in its full splendor to be appreciated as it should be, and know that even from afar that someone , somewhere looks at you in awe.

    Love and Light


  • Hag stones, also known as Holey Stones or Witch Stones are stones that have a naturally occurring hole and are usually found near oceans and other bodies of water. They are said to be powerful protection talismans, and when worn or carried they protect the bearer from curses, hexes, negative spirits, and harm. They have also been used to prevent nightmares, being strung on a bedpost or placed underneath pillows. It is also believed that if you peer through the hole of the stone that you can see the Fae Folk and otherworldly entities. If one broke, it is thought to have used its power to protect a life.


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  • Crystal questions!

    • Agate: How do you see yourself?
    • Amethyst: How often do you meditate?
    • Blue Quartz: List five things that make you happy.
    • Carnelian: Tell us a story about when you were strong.
    • Celestite: What is your ambition in life?
    • Charoite: Where do you feel safest?
    • Fire Opal: What is your vision for the future?
    • Fluorite: What have you been focused on lately?
    • Garnet: What have your emotions been lately?
    • Golden Calcite: Are you healing from anything at the moment?
    • Hessonite: What is a current goal of yours?
    • Kunzite: What grounds you?
    • Kyanite: Who has taught you the most in life?
    • Malachite: How do you best express yourself?
    • Petalite: List the steps of an ordinary day of yours.
    • Petrified Wood: Do you remember any your past lives?
    • Quartz Crystal: Who do you feel most supported by?
    • Red Jasper: Do you consider yourself grounded?
    • Ruby: Who are you most connected to?
    • Smokey Quartz: Are you protective?
    • Spirit Quartz: Who do you consider family?
    • Tiger's Eye: Tell us a pain from your past.
    • Titanium Quartz: Do you consider yourself open-minded?
    • Turquoise: Tell us about a lesson you've learned.
    • White Calcite: Where do you go for guidance?
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    by Mateusz Kaczoruk

    Owls. I shit you not I’ve been seeing them pop up somewhere everyday for like, 2 weeks.

    Animal messages, yo. Thanks universe.

  • Recent life in images
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  • Blessings

    I have been so incredibly lucky on this journey that I’ve chosen for myself. As much as positivity is important and I try to hold to it, sometimes things slip through the cracks, I find myself very busy and very frustrated and stressed.
    Thankfully, I knew how to pick the most beautiful soul-family I could imagine. I’m constantly trying to care for others and since I’ve been out here I’ve had people who really love and care for me and prove it over and over again and for that I am so incredibly grateful. I have so much love and appreciation for you, my beautiful soul family, best friends, and even enemies a like, thank you for caring for me and molding me into who I need to be <3

  • Your posts are really inspiring :) much love and light to you on your journey star soul

    I’m glad you found a space of light in a place as dark as the internet can be haha, thank you so much, lovely, I really appreciate you saying something! <3 Love and Light to you as well <3